Noir, Lagos Restaurant.

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I’m a foodie. A proud foodie, I will never deny it and I accept it with pride when people call me one, expecting me to be annoyed, I don’t get how being a foodie is an insult because it is something to be proud of. I rest my case.

I think going out to eat is more fun than going to concerts, meet-ups, chilling, seminars and whatever. Food is love.

I’m one of the many Lagosians who eagerly read Nosa & Folly’s post on their site Eat.Drink.Lagos because it’s pretty neat, cause I don’t think there’s anywhere in Lagos that they have not heard about and gone to eat and review, so it makes for discovering good places to go and eat and also helps in knowing what to order sometimes.

So since it’s become kind of the norm for my friend and me to dine out at various restaurants, it’s safe to say I can blog about the various places I’ve gone to eat, when I remember to take a picture before I start eating.

Noir Banner

Before I even entered the building housing Noir, I could already tell how beautiful and well put together the restaurant would look and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed.

Noir Scenery

The restaurant is housed on the final floor of the building, upon getting to the entrance there was a hostess waiting to welcome us, and asked if we had a reservation in place, which we didn’t, but now we know better than to go there without booking a reservation, in case of next time it’s fully booked, because the restaurant itself is a moderately sized comfortable space, that can host up to fifty, but not up to a hundred people, I would have loved to take more pictures of the place but the place was moderately full.


This is the part where I’m meant to act posh and understanding, but for the life of me, I hate going through menus at such restaurants because they confuse me, like I have to really focus, before I can be sure of what exactly I’m ordering for, but I’ve found it very helpful to ask the waiter or waitress what the most filling and tastiest food they have on their menu so I get that instead. Noir’s menu isn’t any different from the fancy restaurants around Lagos, with its menu, which varies from appetizers to desserts and their Drinking menu is quite extensive, I found it beautiful (yes I’m talking about the drinking menu).

Noir El Diablo

I usually go for the Daiquiri whenever I’m ordering for drinks, but I decided to go for something I’ve never had and ordered for the El Diablo, which made me regret not asking for the Daiquiri or Mojito which I love. I didn’t like the taste at first, but in the end, it wasn’t bad, but I won’t be ordering for it again because I usually manage to finish my cocktails before my food arrives, but this time around I finished it after I finished my food.

Noir Salmon, Leaves

For my meal, the waiter suggested the Seared Salmon Fillets, which came with green vegetables that I do not recognize or care for to eat and a brownish sort of cream. Although the Salmon was good fish, in my opinion, it was just about tasteless, if I can’t really taste the salt or spices, then sorry it’s going to be classified as tasteless. The cream helped a lot.

Noir Salmon

I ordered for a side of Pilaf Rice, I don’t know what Pilaf means, but I was like rice goes with fish, I didn’t want to order mashed potatoes, or Pommes Frites etc. The rice itself was sweet, I loved it, but there was no sauce to go with it, which meant I didn’t finish the rice. I tried to eat it with their chilli sauce, which was just to pepper-ish for me, so it was a no. The sauce that came with the salmon wasn’t bad with the rice though, but there’s only so much sauce for the rice and fish for me to enjoy my meal.

Noir Tiramisu

I loved this beautiful mouthwatering Tiramisu Cake the most. I found that my choice for dessert was wonderful, I was so happy eating it. I was only sad it was a small piece, but I already expected it lol. I loved the tiny scoop of creamy ice cream that also came with it if I ever open a restaurant I’m going to make sure my desserts aren’t so tiny because these are good food.

Noir Tiramisu, Ice Cream

The service was not bad, the waiters and waitresses are nice, friendly and approachable, but I guess my friend and I are also nice and pleasant people. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also a great one, I love the scenery and it’s quote the bubbling place. Side note my friend got the mash potato and BR Rib Eye Steak, which you do yourself, in my opinion, I had a bite, it wasn’t that great (not as salty as I would like) and, I had a bite from both, the mash potato wasn’t bad but not something I would gobble up either.

Noir Rating

And here you have it my very first Restaurant Review, until next time.

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