Self Love

Pamper yourself, pick a day, where you’ll do nothing but cherish and love yourself because you deserve to do that for you. Below is a list of things I would love to do on the day I show myself some love and good pampering, you can also come up with your own.

❀ Go to bed with a clear mind and be well-rested, knowing that when you wake up, you’ll have a wonderful day no matter what because you’re going to treat yourself.

❀ Soak up in a hot bathtub, with that relaxing and soothing bath bomb or bubble soap. Let yourself and skin feel anew with a good old body scrub with the right bathing soap or gel.

❀ Let yourself feel good and fresh.

❀ Have your hair done, wash it and get it all nourished up. Get a new do or not, but let your hair look well treated, glossy, stylish and on fleek.

❀ Wear clothes that accentuate your beauty, inside and out. That beautiful underwear you’ve been saving for a special occasion, wear it and look at how sexy you are. Rock that outfit you love, yes that one you always want to wear but find an excuse not to.

❀ You’re beautiful, own it!

❀ Can you see the person I see in the mirror? Yes, you look amazing. Your eyes bright, face flushed and that lovely warm smile, no one can miss how beautiful and outstanding you are.

❀ Indulge yourself, do that one thing you know will bring you pleasure, joy and happiness, but never thought you were brave enough to do. Today is your day to do as you please. Today is the day you put yourself first.

❀ Don’t worry or stress, tomorrow is still going to be there, seize the day and only do what makes you happy, bursting with energy or feel at peace. Just feel and live in the moment.

❀ Live.

Most of us are all so caught up in our busy lives, that we forget that we also need to take care of ourselves and not the basics, but pampering ourselves, making ourselves happy because we don’t need to depend on anyone but ourselves for our happiness and ensuring that we love ourselves, because self-love should be our top priority.

Love yourself.

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