No matter what, I won’t stop writing!

How did I discover I loved writing? After I fell in love with reading. It was the summer of 2007 and I was hanging with a girl who was a couple of years older, I can’t remember her name or how she looks now because I only ever saw her that summer, but I remember everything else that happened. She showed me this short erotic story she had been writing and that’s how I started my love affair with writing.

It hadn’t occurred to my adolescent mind that I could also write my own stories because all I did was read and devour books about Fairies, Little Miss Sunshine and co., Harry Potter, Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, (a lot of her books, from famous five, to the something twins and many more) Heidi etc. Any book my young hands could get hold of I would gladly devour. So she showing me her stories really blew me away and I immediately started to create my own stories, no matter the genre, If I read a book and fell in love with it, I’ll write my own version of it, things like that…I even dabbled with poetry which I loved.

Till date, I have many unfinished manuscripts and many missing manuscripts, that make me sad when I think about them especially my favourite ever story to write which my friend begged to read and misplaced it (although I think someone who was pretended to like me destroyed it) and a poem I wrote about storms, which immediately got missing as soon as I finished writing it on a table filled with many of my so-called friends also doing their own thing (secondary school was filled with too much unnecessary angst and drama) but these setbacks can’t ever take my love for writing, because as a writer new ideas always come and when the urge to write takes over there’s no stopping it.

Writing is very refreshing to me. I love it so much because I really get lost in my head, busy concocting words, plotting, building up my own characters and shaping them how I see fit, imagining various scenes and giving it a life of its own until it’s well put together to make sense. Writing simply put is magic. Just like when I read which I love doing, it’s a time to reflect and open my mind to various instances, which is why writing is my favourite way of communicating, I mean it’s one-way, I’m talking to myself until I hit the share, send, enter or publish button, whenever this happens it means I am fully ready to face whatever criticism from whoever that comes across my words by putting myself out there.

I’m not to good at talking, I’m always questioning myself am I pronouncing the words right? Do I sound dumb, or am I being articulate enough? It doesn’t help that I get severe anxiety from public speaking and years of my friends laughing at me whenever I mispronounced a word. Writing has become my outlet, a way for my voice to be heard loud and clear, without me worrying about all the things speaking makes me worry about. When I write I put my soul into the text, so people not only hear but feel me.

Like I said once the creative juice starts flowing nothing can stop it. I can write anywhere as long as I’m focused on my writing, all I need is somewhere to jot things down and I’m always jotting things down because inspiration comes from anywhere, but what gets my creative juice flowing the most is a challenge or writing prompt. In whatever I write I always see myself in the stories and guides I create, book reviews, articles and discussion posts I write etc. It’s a passion of mine that’s never going to die out.

Just like how someone made me discover my love for writing, I write so that I can also inspire and encourage others like me, so they know that their voices are ready to be heard, whenever they are ready. As for me, I’ve gotten to a stage where I don’t care if I have zero to a thousand readers, because I’m writing for myself also and it’s very comforting knowing, I am giving what’s inside me life as I can always look back to my writing and see my growth.

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