Guess Who Signed a Publishing Contract?

My beautiful baby ‘Not Just Another Interlude’ which is a very cutesy Nigerian Romance Novel, I wrote from 2016-2017 if I can properly recall, is going to be published by Love Africa Press, next year! This means you all that haven’t read it or knew it even existed will be able to read it come 2020!


On the 24th of June, I got the super life-changing email… but let me slow my roll and start at the beginning. Last year in December I decided to send out queries to publishing firms for the manuscript, which I had written in hopes of it getting published, and I’m glad my dream for it, is going to be a reality.

The story I tell in Not Just Another Interlude is important to me because I had searched and couldn’t find any Nigerian romance book, that is just a fun, empowering, fully positive, uplifting women friendship, positive family love and cutesy romance read, that isn’t centred around religion and really showcasing the contemporary life of a new adult in Lagos, Nigeria.

p.s. This isn’t the Official Cover

I’m a huge romance junkie, I have a soft spot for romance and sadly the majority of romance I read don’t reflect my reality, which is why I was so happy when I first came across Love Africa Press at the start of the year.

My first reaction was, African Romance and I could see a lot of Nigerians had published books under the press, and I started leaning more and more to send my manuscript to them because I felt in my hearts, it would be the perfect publishing house for my manuscript, because I knew it would get all the right attention and love from them, if it was accepted, so on the 10th of April, I wrote up the query and sent my manuscript off to be dissected.

June was coming to an end and I hadn’t gotten any feedback from any of the publishing firms, in fact, I would have been happy to receive a rejection… when I got an email from Love Africa Press and saw these words “We would like to offer you a contract to publish your lovely story as a standalone title.” I was at work, so I couldn’t scream, but I was dancing in my seat and the grin on my face was so huge, I couldn’t believe it was real, but here I am contracted signed and slotted in for publication!

I am thankful that I kept pushing myself, not long after I got the acceptance email, I got a rejection email from one of the publishing firms I had first sent the manuscript to, which had said that even though my manuscript didn’t work for them, it didn’t mean another publishing firm wouldn’t pick it up and they were so right lol.

A lot of my friends have said I inspired them, which is great and I’m also writing this to share my good news with the world but to also encourage every other writer out there to write and send it off to wherever. I’m even inspiring myself to start writing all the many stories I have plots drafted up for.

p.s. Trust that I’m going to dig into the books by the other Authors in Love Africa Press pretty soon because so far from what I have seen, the stories all have lovely synopsis and aren’t what you typically expect from many Nigerian romance books *cough cough*

 I made this announcement first on my YouTube Channel, it would mean the world to mean if you would also stop over there and hit that subscribe button!

Thank you for reading!

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