5 Things to Get You in the Holiday Spirit!

As soon as November arrives it brings with it the holiday spirit as everyone is eagerly counting down to the special days! Not to forget November is also the month of Thanksgiving and more than anything I’m thankful for all my wonderful readers which of course includes you! In that spirit, I present to you…

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The most obvious one is loading up the Christmas playlists. Line up the films you’re going to watch, now is a good time to rewatch the Home Alone movies and thank goodness for Netflix which has dozens of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday movies to select from. Don’t stop there get your music playlist ready with all the popular Christmas songs—your playlist must definitely include All I Want for Christmas by Mariah Carey.

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Create a list of gifts you would love to receive and share it with your friends and family, so they know exactly what not to get you…but get ready for their requests in the return, as you know this holiday season is all about love, giving thanks and receiving and giving.

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I bet you didn’t see this one coming…joking! Read books with this holiday season stories and holiday themes. There’s an endless selection of books to choose from and there’s one for every kind of genre lover. To shake things up more you can listen to an audiobook!

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Volunteer to be of service or donate items to NGOs who are giving back to the society, such as free healthcare or checkups to the less privileged, feeding a community, proving pads for women and girls who can’t afford them etc. Like many things on this list, ways of giving back and assisting someone in need is endless. This is a great way to get into and share the holiday spirit with others.

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Go out with your friends! With the holiday season coming upon us, lots of events will be happening which makes it the perfect time to kick back and have all the fun you’ve been meaning to all year with the great company of your friends.

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