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I haven’t been scrolling through Eat.Drink.Lagos, in fact, I’m a bit annoyed because all the restaurant open shop on the island and forget that people on the mainland are equally important, like going to eat is one thing, but the money spent on the commute is another thing and a thing that isn’t good when you don’t have your own car and live far far away on the mainland. I rest my case.

I haven’t been writing reviews of the restaurant I visit/visited because I am lazy, but I’m owing a post, and this has been long coming, so today I’m going to talk about my visit to Sugarcane. As I have proudly proclaimed I am a proud foodie and I think going out to eat is more fun than going to concerts, meet-ups, chilling, seminars and whatever. Food is love.”


When I checked the map and I saw the driver was about to pull up at the location for Cactus, I immediately realized that I had gone there before, and I easily directly him to it, because Cactus isn’t visible, it’s a bit hidden and a lot of people would miss it, if they don’t know what they are looking for. My previous visit to the place had been years ago, I had gone with a group of friends and we had left, not long after we had arrived, because we saw the prices on the menu, we were wanted food that was worth our money. I, however, remembered I bought ice cream for myself, before we left and settled for Terra Kulture.


The first thing I noticed was that it was packed full, everywhere inside was occupied by different groups of people and it was so rowdy. I immediately wanted to turn around and leave, it was so confusing, I was expecting someone to come to my assistance, to welcome or direct me to a table, but despite the high number of staff around, no one paid me any attention so I made my way outside and found a secluded spot for myself with a bit of shade, and waited. It took about 15 minutes before someone finally came up to me and handed me a menu.


I was already annoyed at the poor customer service I was receiving when I opened the menu and there was nothing appealing on it, I think I went through the menu for about thirty minutes and couldn’t make up my mind, I even asked a waiter to suggest a good meal, but all I was hearing were things I could readily make myself. Which was very disappointing and by that point, I knew I wasn’t going to be having any meal, and needed to move onto another restaurant on my list, if I didn’t want my money spent on transport to have been in vain.


I decided to order for a drink, and I went out of my comfort zone and ordered for whiskey, a double shot of Jack Daniels, which was so little, it looked more like a shot, instead of two and was quite easy to drink down in one go.


I was hungry, and one thing on the menu had caught my eye, it was the dessert Churros which I had been craving for a while now and couldn’t readily make for myself at home, so I finally gave in and ordered for some. After waiting for about 10 minutes, it arrived and the waiter that had attended to me had messed up my order. I asked for Churros covered in cinnamon and sugar, with a strawberry dip, but what I got was Churros covered only in sugar and a chocolate dip. When I complained about the dip, he came back and said I ordered for a chocolate dip, which made me look up at him in annoyance because I would never order for a chocolate dip, I don’t like chocolate that much, but I just let it go and it got changed.


Despite the poor service, I loved the Churros, which were six pieces and very delicious especially with the strawberry dip, I savoured it as I ate it up. I swear at most of these restaurants the best things about them are usually the dessert they offer.


I don’t think I would be going back to cactus anytime soon, and if you do go there avoid going there on Sundays, I was also gossiping with my friend, who had gone there recently and had shown her the menu to help me decide what to get but, she was at a loss because apparently, they had just changed their menu.


Thank you for reading, until next time.

Lara Kareem

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