Living in the Moment | Ch. 1

Chapter 1

Damon told me to meet him at our usual spot after-school, saying we need to talk the four words that are dreaded when brought up in a relationship and stupid me couldn’t comprehend or see the signs that he had been giving off that led to the more so ever clear one we need to talk because when I had finally notice and comprehend the signs, it was already bloody too late.
My boyfriend for nearly two years and before that my longest crush ever, someone who I had come to love, just broke up with me and the reason was still unclear to me, I couldn’t even say I had seen it coming because I thought we were doing pretty great.
I had gotten to our usual spot after-school under the tree with the benches to see he was already there, looking dignified hot and appealing in all his male macho-sexiness, black short cut messy hair and arresting dark brown eyes. I called him my Greek god, my stomach has always fluttered happily whenever I sighted him. His eyes were closed and he looked deep in thoughts, so he obviously did not notice me sneaking up on him and planting my lips on top of his. His eyes shot open and he scooted away from me, which was not the reaction I was expecting, this immediately had me alarmed, not wanting to jump to any conclusion, instead of showing my fear I opted to smile at him and went for being amused by his actions, but the returning smile he gave me was so strained, I knew I was right to be alarmed.
“Damon, what’s wrong?”
I caught his eyes, which looked pained, but instead of keeping the eye contact he hurriedly looked away, breaking our connection right be he quietly uttered.
It felt like someone had pressed the huge red button, that always had a caution tape do not touch, because I hadn’t needed him to elaborate on what he meant by saying ‘us’ because it was at that moment when I started remembering all the off signs for what they had been, I had been brushing off his obvious warning signs he had been projecting towards me for a while now, as him being stressed about one thing or the other, not occurring to me, it was me he had been tired off.
“What’s wrong with us?”
“I can’t just do us anymore.”
“So you’re breaking us up?”
He hadn’t answered me, but it was clear what his answer was. Strangely I did not freak out or react the way I always imagined I would, I had always dreaded it and feared I would end up crying and begging to make things work, but I felt nothing. Nothing had changed about my demure, I felt extremely normal like nothing had changed except the urge to laugh like I was deranged, which I knew wouldn’t fly and in some way would be classified as a break down, which I did not want to happen in front of him, so instead I smiled at him one final time before I abruptly turned away from him to head back the way I came from.
“It doesn’t matter Arts!”
I replied to him, without turning back. I headed to the car park, ready to drive myself to the one place where I could break down if I really wanted to, which made me question if I was really ever in love with Damon Arts.
My pathetic day had quickly gone from dull, normal and boring to ridiculously dramatic. I got into my Mini Cooper (Black) dropped my bag on the passenger seat, while settling into the driver’s seat. In less than a minute I was driving out of the school grounds heading to Carmen’s house.
I put my radio on and turned up the volume to the max. I started singing along to the lyrics of the songs being played at the top of my voice. while dancing, which I knew wasn’t the best way to drive but I just couldn’t be bothered and I was sure I people who drove past me would have thought I had a death wish.
When I pulled up in front of Carmen’s house, he was out front like he had been expecting me. There he was bare-chested wearing only a pair of swimming shorts, his hot muscular body, gloriously in view for everyone, to admire.
Carmen Gold. My best friend in the whole universe. He patiently watched me park my car and grab my bag before getting out to join him.
“Goldilocks, where are thou heading looking so sexy?”
“Dearest Cassandra, thou is heading nowhere.”
I scowled at him, which made him smirk; he knew I hated being called by my full name.
“My keys fell from my window, came to get them.”
He pulled me into his arms hugging me tightly, before pulling back and draping his arm around my shoulder, he always made me feel protected, at ease and comfortable.
“Thought you and Damon had a date today?”
“I thought so too.”
I kept quiet knowing he wanted me to continue, but I wanted to be seated before I started talking, he led me to the backyard, which meant he wanted to take a dip in his pool. I watched as he somersaulted into the pool, before swimming to the edge where I was now perching.
“You’ll be happy to hear this.”
He continued staring at me waiting for me to go on.
“Damon dumped me today.”
“Did you justNo way. The bloody fool! If I lay my hands on him, he won’t be able to get any girl in his wretched life again.”
Before we knew it we both started laughing
“You don’t look heartbroken like you don’t need my shoulder to cry on. Are you okay Cassie?”
“I honestly don’t know, I don’t feel sad or like I have lost anything.”
“Even the fact that you so claim to love him and have declined better offers to remain with him.”
I rolled my eyesCarmen can’t stand Damon.
“No I don’t feel bad for turning better offers down for him. Especially when you are the so-called better offer, who by the way I have been making out with, behind Damon’s back all this while.”
“You do know I love you, Cassie…I’m also glad you guys are over. Now more than ever you’re now fair game.”
“You are my best friend. I’m not fair game to you, relationships ruin and change beautiful things.”
“Nothing’s going to change or be ruined.”
“Let’s just continue fooling around no matter, what un-best friendish feelings I have for you. I am going to suppress them.”
Before I was done speaking, he had taken on a mischievous look, so when he pulled me into the pool and swam away, I should have seen it coming. He was so going to get beaten for pulling me in fully clothed.
I struggled to remove my top and skirt and was left in my (Bet you guys think underwear.) bikini set. I was meant to hang out with Carmen after school before Damon pulled his break-up stunt. Hanging out with Carmen usually involved the pool.
We played around the pool, chasing each other and when I finally got him. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me, which turned into a smoochfest. When we finally broke apart for much-needed air, we came decided to come out of the pool. I towelled myself first before handing it off to him so I could head inside.
Carrie was home, I smiled and waved at her, I would have hugged her if not for the fact that I was still wet.
“Well I see that you and Carmen were having fun…where is he?”
“Where’s who?”
The subject of our conversation came in at that moment and saw his mother; he went up to her and hugged her, to Carrie’s dismay.
“I’m making dinner are you eating Cassie?”
“I would love to Carrie.”
“Alright! Be ready in ten then… maybe you both should go put on dry clothes.”
“Your son pulled me into the pool fully clothed, so I’ve got no dry cloth with me.”
Carmen rolled his eyes and took my hand, dragging me towards the stairs.
“Cassie, you know my clothes are also your clothes, stop being dramatic.”
Before we clear the landing of the first floor, we hear Carrie shouting up to us “Please, both of you should keep calm and in check of…your hormones.” I laughed out loud, while Carmen shook his head and smiled, no wonder she was acting all weird, she probably had seen our heated kissing in the pool. I immediate lie on Carmen’s bed not caring that I was soaking it with water, while he got me something to wear and for him to change into.
“You have got to be kidding me when you say you can’t be with me.”
“Carmen…do not start.”
“The way you respond to me is… it tells another tale, Cassie.”
He handed me his clothes before I could get up from his bed to go and change, he pinned my body with his on it and I started to get excited, shameful stupid hormones. His brilliant brown orbs looking into my soft baby-blue ones and I knew deep down it was always him I wanted and loved, the one who I had the undying crush for. His lips came down on mine, and he kissed me so softly making my heartbeat rise. He whispered on my lips You know you want me” I pushed him off, laughing shakily, not looking at him, as I collected myself, I was saved when Carrie announced dinner and I quickly wore the clothes on top of my semi-dry bikini set.
“I’m downstairs with my mum.”
I heard Carmen say before leaving his room, what was wrong with me? He was my best friend. nothing more and we normally fooled around like this…only we had never fooled around or gotten as intimate as this before plus the fact that I had never been single…to make it seem like our relationship was more than best friendship. Me being with someone has always given me cause to stop because I would be hurting my actual boyfriend.
Carrie and Carmen were already seated and talking when I joined them, both smiling at me, making me feel totally out of place and suspicious, what were the Gold’s up to? Carrie got up to get something, while I avoided looking at Carmen, who chose not to say anything or notice I was being avoidant.
“Here use this.”
I looked up to see Carrie giving me a laptopuse it to do what? I looked from her to Carmen not exactly understanding what I was meant to be doing.
“Gosh Cassie. Facebook, Tweet, Snapchat, Instagram it across your social networking platformstell the world you are single.”
I looked at both of them, seriously they both could be crazy. “Carrie, why should I do that?” Carrie did not bother to answer my question and left it to Carmen.
“You will feel better and like I said fair game, tell people before Damon adds a nasty twist to it.”
“He wouldn’t.”
“Just do it, Cassandra.”
“Okay! Carmen STFU.”
I scowled at him, Carrie only lets out a chuckle as we dug into the food before us. Carmen and I have been best friends, from the beginning of secondary school, both in a new neighbourhood and school where everyone seemed to know each other, that was five years ago…now we were both known, even had a different set of friends, but we prefer it being just the two of us. Our friendship, brought about a close bond between our two families, especially after Carmen’s father kicked the bucket, now it was just me, Carrie, my dad and Carmen. My mum left us when I was nine years old, and now I was sixteen as well as Carmen but he would turn seventeen later in the year.
Girls in our year always told me how lucky I was to have the sexiest boys in our school fawning and flanking both of my sides. Carmen with his golden hair, beautiful tanned skin, brown orbs and muscular sculpted body plus a beautiful face that looked friendly and enticing always. Damon with his dark looks, all very appealing to the girls, but from now onwards I would only have Carmen flanking over me as Damon was now free for them to have.
Carmen took me home in his own car, which meant I had to rely on him tomorrow, to take me to school since my car was parked at his place, as soon as I got into his car I feigned being tired and pretended to have fallen asleep, all in the name of avoiding him talking about us getting into an emotional relationship mess.
“I don’t know who you take me for Cassie.”
Shoot my cover was blown or was it? I continued to pretend.
“You’re making a big deal out of nothing, you said so yourself. Let’s just continue fooling around…unless it’s not fooling around with you because you’re doing a great job at making it seem awkward.”
I looked at him, to see him smiling down at me. I looked away, deciding not to say anything because he had just pissed me off. When we got to the front of my house I got out of the car like it had a very bad rash, still not bothering to say anything, Carmen doesn’t feel offended because he just laughed and said to me.
“See you tomorrow and say hi to Derrick for me.”
Derrick Evans, my father and also the father like figure in Carmen’s life now.

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