Living in the Moment | Ch. 2

Chapter 2

Carmen’s arm was linked through mine pulling me ever so close to him as we entered the school’s auditorium. We were so engrossed in our conversation, we didn’t notice that the whole school’s student body was looking at us and whispering away until I had taken a seat at the back with Carmen. My inner sixth sense told me I was being watched by someone which turned out to be the bloody whole school, excluding teachers. 

I was saved as the principal arrived on stage, I threw nervous glances at Carmen, who took my hand and squeezed it. Damon looked like he hadn’t slept at all making me feel guilty but he was the one who had dumped me.


I was dreading school because it was going to be seriously awkward as I was partners with Damon in all my classes and I wasn’t ready to talk to or face him just yet.

I had nothing to fear because Carmen saved me. I loved him so bloody much, I did not have to awkwardly work and sit with my ex, because he had switched with all his partners for me. The first chance I got I fiercely hugged him, he ruffled my hair before touching my face lightly and looking like he was about to kiss me. I gave him a warning look and turned away to see Damon watching us with jealousy and once again I felt guilty. Damon looked away, which made me wonder again like I had over the previous day why he had broken us up. There had been nothing wrong with our relationship apart from my meaningless snogging sessions with Carmen which like I said were meaningless, yet again nobody knew about them, well until yesterday when Carrie had seen us.

Teachers were surprised to see Damon and I were not on speaking terms and I couldn’t blame them at all. 

I had missed hanging around with Carmen during classes. People had come to ask me what had happened and I told them the truth since Damon wasn’t speaking about it to anyone. 

Carmen and I goofed around all morning, smiling, talking and laughing, the way I was acting, I’m sure everyone would believe I was unbothered about my break up, which I truly wasn’t, I was sad it was over, because Damon was also my friend but I was more annoyed about being blindsided. Once again I felt guilty about my reaction, did I really love him? because I didn’t feel like it was the end of the world. But hey he dumped me…it wasn’t my fault I had the best solution to a breakup, which was my best friend Carmen Gold, while Damon had his ‘cool guys” to chill with so it was totally not my fault. 

During lunch I sat at my normal table with Carmen, and we were both feeding each other from our plates, joking around and amusing ourselves as we usually did, when we heard some sort of commotion going on and we looked towards the area the sound came from, to see Damon standing looking like he really wanted to kill somebody and the chair he had been seating on askew on the floor. He then proceeded to stalk away from the scene, I turned to see a smug smile on Carmen’s face which made me wonder what was really going on with Damon, that was making him act so aggressive, if it was jealousy he shouldn’t forget that he dumped me, so he should deal with it besides it wasn’t like I was publicly cheating on him with Carmen.

“So after school, we are going to your place since you came to mine yesterday.” 

“You purposely don’t want to give me my car back. I want it back.” 

“Go on a date with me for it.” 

“It’s mine, not yours and NO I will not go on a date with you.” 

“Can’t you just give me a chance?”

“We have had loads of dates already.”

He rolled his eyes at me which I chose to ignore, I knew I sounded dim-witted.

“A date with me being a potential candidate for boyfriend material and not your best friend.”


‘Fine, I will stop asking, for now, I’m going to convince you…just wait and see.’ 

‘Don’t ruin our friendship, Carmen. I beg of you.’ 

Carmen backed away from dating a number of girls that had thrown themselves at him, turning down dates and the most important one cancelling a date with a girl who had managed to catch his interest because I was too selfish to share him and make an excuse about needing him to be with me on that night, all because of jealousy.

All the times I have spoken to him about the boys I was crushing on, the times when he was the one who held me while I cried over the loss of one boy or claiming heartbrokenness. He was always there for me, something told me that he knew I loved him more than I claim to do, because who would have stayed this long around me and accepted me for what I chose to do, even after my continuous rejection of returning his feelings for me.

We left the cafeteria for our afternoon classes, which made me realise I had geography while Carmen had International Relations and the fact that Damon would be my partner, I wasn’t prepared to face him at all. Carmen followed me to my class, hugging me as he wished me luck before he left for his own class, I got to our desk before Damon, hoping he wouldn’t come near me or switch partners with someone, but obviously, he did the exact opposite and sat down beside me.

I could feel his stare and every other student’s eyes on me, and it was making me nervous. I rolled my eyes and said in an audible low tone “Mind your business.” this got everyone turning and looking away apart from Damon. I couldn’t take it anymore and I turned and looked at him as I asked 


“You are taking our breakup in stride as I can see.”

“Do not forget you dumped me.” 

“No, I did not…”

“Eh…in my dictionary ‘I can’t do us anymore’ is a breakup.” 

“I’m sorry, what I meant to tell you was I needed a break… not for us to break up.”

“It’s too late Damon we are done.” 

“I am still in love with you.” 

“Damon you broke up with me yesterday, you can’t come crawling back begging me today…go to hell, I don’t want your love anymore and I am counting on the love I have for you to die out pretty soon.”

“Really Cassie…are you sure you ever loved me and not your best friend Carmen.” 

“I love you and I have and always will love Carmen, our bond is strongstronger than anything and now you’re implying I was cheating on you, how much more insult can I take from you, Damon?’ 

“Miss Evans and Mr Arts, your colourful conversation has earned you both detention tomorrow after school for the destruction of my lesson. Now pay attention.” 

Crap, I scowled at Damon, too pissed to look or feel embarrassed that the whole class had just listened to our whole conversation, I bet by the time school would be out for the day, the news would have gone round, the perks of being a teenager.

My last class for the day was with Carmen who I hadn’t seen since lunch he saunters up to me and puts his hand on my waist, I tried pulling out but he tightened his hold, despite the fact that people were around usI stared at him wide-eyed, he then whispered into my ear softly damn him, playing his sexy card on me. 

“So you’re in love with me and our connection will never break?”

“Carmen, seriously this is not the time or place to start being cheesy.”

“But you told your whole geography class this while you were talking to Damon.”

That blew my top off and I started laughing which made Carmen a little dazed. His hold on me slackened and his eyes became questioning.


I held his face in my hands and tiptoed to give him a loud slurpy kiss on his cheek, still laughing. I had to hold my sides as it cramped up and water started to fill my eyes.

“Seriously Carmen, I said I love you, not in love and our bond is unbreakable best friend wise.” 

Carmen held me up as he led us to our seats, his face crimson with embarrassment. I hugged him but he chose not to talk, silent in his thoughts. 

After school, Carmen drove us to my house, where he only stayed for an hour and spent most of it talking to my dad. I knew something wasn’t right he was way too reserved and less active than usual when he normally was with me.


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