Beta Reading

What is Beta Reading? Beta reading is the process of reviewing an author’s manuscript before publication. It is where a Beta Reader offers their solicited thoughts about the work, giving necessary feedback (in-depth analysis) that are helpful guides for authors to improve their written works.

Beta Readers also help with giving author’s a sense in direction of how the story’s real audience would respond to it. However a Beta Reader is not an editor, Beta Readers are just helpful readers. Editing is another ball game and should never be confused with Beta Reading.


I help authors properly root out problems and identify what isn’t working, to help authors make their works better. I highly and critically analyse authors works, and note down major issues that can be fixed, but please note that I however may not root out all problems, for it’s my reading experience I am reporting at a very economical rate.

As a Beta reader, I professionally criticise work that I beta read, as the main purpose of beta reading is to inform authors of what it’s like to casually read the story for the first time. I am accommodating as I give due time to properly reading and understanding works of authors. I am reliable and will keep to given time slot and give proper response/feedback. I offer feedback on:

  • My reading experience, which is how I reacted to the story, writing style, characters, pacing, development, arcs, believability levels, plot events and turning points.
  • I also note places that especially stood out to me, with a detailed explanation of my reaction.
  • My overall summary of the work, given my verdict as a reader if I enjoyed or did not enjoy it. 

Beta Reading Policy

Clientele: I take on one project per month, and require a 50% deposit upfront to hold a slot for an author.

Format: I prefer documents in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format, because it enables the tacking of changes and leaving of comments comments.

Disclaimer: The quality of the story analysis depends completely on the quality of the material(s) submitted by the author. My feedback addresses only the information given. Although a story analysis can identify and suggest fixes for many issues, it’s not a replacement for a developmental

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