Twist | Ch. 2

The Timber’s

Lola had never been this anxious in her life.

Today she began work at the Timber’s, babysitting their two youngest children and she knew without a doubt that Dare Timber would also be there. Ever since their encounter by the cliff, she couldn’t seem to get him off her mind. This added to her anxiety because Dare was the only Timber she had met in person. She was certain though that he clearly wasn’t one of the children in need of babysitting.

Her interview had been conducted online, she had impressed the socks off Amira Timber, who knew she was the right one for the job upon viewing her profile and the video chat interview that followed. There was something about the way Lola spoke and expressed her love for children, something just told Amira that Lola could withstand the unordinary.

Lola took in a deep breath and knocked on the house magnificent front door. Within a second, it was opened by a cute little girl, with the same eyes as Dare. How sweet.

Lace smiled at Lola, taking her hand in a grip which was way too strong for an eight-year-old dragged her inside the house.

“I’m Lace. And you are Lola, right? You’re pretty. I like you.”

Lola laughed and thanked her for the compliment. She loved her ebony skin and always thought she was from one of the nations in the region that once used to be known as West Africa long ago before the amalgamation of all the nations in Africa. But that train of thought had quickly been discarded when she discovered where she truly was from.

Upon entering the kitchen, Lola was greeted by the whole Timber family except for Dare.

Dani Timber jumped off the table he was seated on, alarming Lola because of how high it was, yet no one paid any heed to it. Dani looked at her and giggled and then she realised the little squirt had jumped purposely to scare her.

Amira and Nile Timber smiled at each other. They were overjoyed by the instant ‘click’ between their children and their new nanny. It also didn’t escape their notice that Lola was the same age as their eldest son and she could just be the ultimate solution to all their worries. 

Dare was a lone wolf, who liked keeping to himself. He hadn’t found his mate yet and it was starting to alarm them because he had already reached the age of twenty-three.

“I’m Amira Kimber, and here beside me is my husband Nile Timber. That little scrawny boy over there is Dani and I see you have met Lace. You have met the pack with the exception of Dare.” She informed me, frowning with a searching glance around the room at the mention of her son.

Of course, Amira didn’t know she had already had the pleasure of meeting her eldest son.

“I’m guessing he’s still in bed. You’re going to babysit these two little ones when Nile and I are gone Tuesdays through Thursdays.” Amira nodded her head towards the children.

Lace brushed her mother away and said she would show Lola around, with the first stop being Lola’s room to drop her carry-on bag.

The room they had set for her was a pleasant one. It was cosy and comfortable, with everything a girl needed-including a TV and desk area.

By the time she and Lace were done touring the house, both were in deep need of some refreshments. They raced each other to the kitchen, where Lola proceeded to bump into someone and fell on her ass.

“Dare! What is your problem?” Lace asked her older brother exasperatedly.

Red-faced, Lola awkwardly picked herself up from the floor. She sure did have a habit of falling around him.

Lace dragged her away from Dare, who turned to look at her with an expressionless face.

“That was very rude Dare. Apologize now.” Amira said to Dare, who turned to look at her with cold eyes.

What the heck? Lola thought. Surely that was no way to treat your mother.

Dare removed his eyes from her and turned them coldly on Lola, who had become terrified that she had done something wrong.

“If you hadn’t been running around like a preschooler that wouldn’t have happened.” He snapped before heading out of the kitchen.

Lace handed Lola a juice box with an apologetic smile, which she gladly took. She was still in shock from Dare’s outburst when Nile finally broke the silence.

“Let him be. He is not a morning person.”

Lola nodded her head at him, taking note of what he had just said.

“Money is in the drawer in your room, and anything else these two might need should also be in the list in your drawer. I’m sorry to say that all the Timber kids can really be a handful. Don’t mind Dare, sometimes I think he is a kid inside the body of an adult.” Amira said, chuckling.

“Stop spreading lies about me Amira!”

Lola jumped in fright when she heard his voice rebuking Amira coming from behind her. Amira smirked, while Lace and her father just rolled their eyes.

Lola just couldn’t understand why Dare would treat his mother this way or even call her by her first name.

“Whatever Dare. Just behave yourself, we all know I’m not your mother except Lola”

Lola almost gasped in surprise, it was like Amira knew what she was thinking. Amira winked at her and left the house with her husband, it seemed weird that they did not bother with any luggage but on second thought it could be in their car already.


Dare was irritated with how his body and mind were reacting to Lola Cole. True she was a beautiful woman, one any man should want on his arm, but he knew it wasn’t the reason why he was reacting to her this bad. Everything about her was different, she called out to him like no other and he didn’t want to understand or want his feelings period. Because he was denying the truth and ignoring how he truly felt towards her, it made him want to viciously lash out at her and tell her to disappear, because he knew without a doubt she was his destined mate.

He was watching her take in the abrupt departure of Amira and his father and he couldn’t hold back his words. “While you’re here stay away from me and I won’t get in your way.”

She looked at him when he spoke, and shrugged her shoulders at him before focusing her attention on Lace and Dani. That was it? That was all he was going to get from her after his statement?

He growled his irritation increasing, he slammed his cup of coffee on the table and left the room.

Lola jumped at his animalistic behaviour.

“Let him be. He isn’t used to being ignored by a girl.” Lace ensured her, giggling.

Lola laughed, her mind settling a bit, by Lace’s statement. She hadn’t done anything to Dare to warrant such rudeness from him. What had he expected her to do after his statement? Beg him or look forlorn? He wasn’t her reason for being here, so she would not waste precious time worrying about his behaviour or attitude problem.

“So what are we going to do today, little ones?”

“Let’s go for ice-cream.”

“We could later in the day. Although now I want to know all about you two.”

The two instantly sucked up to Lola, who had always loved kids. Lola shared with them stories about her own childhood and Ronke, who she referred to as her ‘aunt’. It was painful to hide her past, but there was no other way. This was how life had to be.


Dare was listening to their conversation from his room, despite his warnings to Lola. He wasn’t going to stay away from her. In fact, he planned on uncovering all her secrets, to excuse his sudden obsession, he convinced himself he was only being precautious because she was going to be looking after his siblings and he might as well find out everything about her.

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