Twist | Ch. 3


Dani and Lace were incredibly adorable and active children. They kept Lola on her feet all day. Either she was busy making a meal or snack for them, or they had her playing and taking part in their activities. It even became a task to keep the two siblings from fighting over who got to play with her, yet Lola wouldn’t trade it for anything. She had come to love the little Timber’s in the weeks she had been taking care of them.

Lola always tiredly dragged herself back home each evening after the parents had returned. The little Timber’s, which she had come to nickname them, always cried and begged for her to stay, holding her captive by attaching themselves to her legs. Dare was mostly absent during her stay, only appearing to play with and tease his little siblings or grab something from the kitchen. Apart from that, he stayed out till late or never came back home, making a show of ignoring Lola’s presence in his home.

This evening has she approached her cottage, she was alarmed by the strange and unwelcome figures she could make out on her front porch. Lola reached into her carry-on bag and grabbed the can of pepper spray she carried around for protection, cautiously approaching her cottage.

The people revealed themselves when she got close enough, and she calmed down a notch but was still wary of these strangers.

“Hi?” She greeted awkwardly.

Lola had been dreaming of how she was going to curl up on a couch in front of her electric fireplace, but it looked as if that plan was about to be derailed.

“I’m Nikhi. You’re new here.” A young woman with light caramel hue skin and curly hair packed to the back said, bouncing to Lola’s side. What had she missed?

“So what if I am new?” She retorted, daring them not to answer her.

“Well, won’t you be bored without any friends here?” Nikhi questioned cheerfully.

Lola stood stiffly, wondering how they knew her address. She wasn’t ungrateful for the girl’s kindness, but they were all still strangers that knew more than enough about her.

“This is a small town. News spread pretty fast around here. And we all have seen you with The Timber kids, which means you’re the lucky nanny.” Nikhi explained.

“Oh stuff it, Nikhi. And seriously guys? Enough with the intimidating postures.” A young man with low cut hair and piercing black eyes stepped out.

“I’m Blaine.”

The other two on Lola’s front porch bounded down from the front stairs to gladly introduce themselves to her. The two of them were identical twin girls going by the name of Mina and Nina. The difference between the two was that Nina’s hair was short, while Mina’s was shoulder length.

“Sorry to cut our acquaintance short, but I am tired.” Lola apologised to her guests.

They, in turn, apologised for the circumstance of their meeting and promised to come to take her out with the next day. Lola had mixed feelings about the offer but knew she wouldn’t be able to deter them and get them off her radar.

Instead of curling up in front of the fire she went outside, in loose and comfortable clothes, grabbing a sweater, she took her book, and big mug outside and settled on the steps of her front porch to read her novel. Later she would need to buy an outdoor sofa for her front porch.

She heard the sound of snapping wood, and she whipped her head up, and her gaze fell upon the beautiful black and gold eyes of a wolf.

Pressing a hand to her mouth to muffle the scream that had threatened to come out. The wolf was across the clearing, closer than he had ever come. Lola had been seeing him here and there lately. He was always watching her from the shadows.

“Hello.” Lola laughed a little. She had gotten up and stealthily moved to stand beside her door a hand placed firmly on the handle.

“You’re here again. I search for you every day. I would love to befriend you, but that is dumb isn’t it? Then again, I am talking to a wolf, so really, how much saner can I get?”

Lola lowered slowly into a crouch “You should be with your pack. Not out here alone and watching me.” She whispered, jolting when lightning flashed across the darkening sky, the roar of thunder not far behind.

When she looked away from the sky, her yard was empty, and the magnificent mahogany wolf was gone.


Dare was still fed up with himself and how Lola drew him to her. His self-control was slowly slipping and he could not afford for it to be nothing but tight now more than ever.

He loved his solitude and being out in the woods by himself, it was an escape from his responsibilities, left to his thoughts and animalistic instincts.

He was one of the strongest and fastest wolves in their pack, his leadership skill was also pretty good and the icing on the cake, he was the son of an Alpha. He knew he was destined to one day fill the role of his father and lead their pack.

Alone in his room, his mind roamed back to his encounter with Lola. The way she had been pleasantly shocked when he appeared in her yard. She was afraid of the wolf. Still, she was willing to risk her safety for it. It was becoming harder each day for him to stay away from her because of the easy way she spoke and played with his siblings, how she sounded talking to his wolf form in her quiet but bold voice that trembled with nerves, fear and excitement.

He could tell that Lola knew the importance of family and loyalty because she exuded it in thousands of folds. She had this tinge of sadness about her like she was carrying the weight of the world on her back.

He didn’t just want to mate with anyone, just because his wolf decreed so. He had to make that choice himself and see if he liked the person first.

For one Lola was human. Humans were simple-minded beings, who could rarely bear to accept a single change in the order of their mentality or reality. Either they went mad or ran for the hills. Just a few of them had agreed to the fact that reality was not as it seemed most of the times and there truly wasn’t always a need for a logical explanation for the unusual things they witnessed.

He couldn’t bear the thought of falling for Lola and she running for the hills if he revealed his true self to her.

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