Bitesi Review: Speculative Fiction​


One of the best ways to travel without spending a dime is to read a book because it has the amazing power of transporting its reader to another world and enables the reader to experience a new reality.

Speculative fiction is a group of fiction genres with certain elements that do not exist in terms of recorded history. Books under the speculative fiction category i.e. fantasy, science-fiction, horror etc. go beyond experiencing and gaining insight about the cultures, ideologies and beliefs of various places in the world we live in, it’s about getting lost in a world that mirrors ours but is entirely different, a world we have never encountered because it exists only within the pages of the book and brings our imagination to life, falling down a rabbit hole into a world that exists alongside our own or discovering a world that is our own but has evolved.

This is why we picked the theme ‘Speculative Fiction’ because it takes great skill and patience to create a world that isn’t entirely the one we live in.


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