Lara T. Kareem

Writing is very refreshing...

I love it so much because I really get lost in my head, busy concocting words, plotting, building up my own characters and shaping them how I see fit, imagining various scenes and giving it a life of its own until it’s well put together to make sense. Writing simply put is magic. Just like when I read which I love doing, it’s a time to reflect and open my mind to various instances, which is why writing is my favourite way of communicating.

Welcome To My Website

Hello, I’m Lara T. Kareem. I have many more names but these will do. I’m a twenty-something, upcoming author, literary enthusiast & blogger. I run a number of websites apart from this one. One is strictly my Literary Blog, which brought forth my online nickname Naija Book Bae where I review and talk all things books 95% of the time. Finally, this website is all about me, my write-ups, literary works (published & unpublished) and my writing process. 

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Read some of the stories I’ve written exclusively on here, visit the blog to check out articles and opinion pieces on various subjects and topics that intrigue or mean a lot to me and most importantly shop my products, be it my published books or bookish items.