Lara T. Kareem

Author, publisher & reader

Lara calls herself a self-proclaimed literary enthusiast, because she found her interests lies in different sectors of the publishing world. Asides from being an author, professional reader, editor, blogger, bookstagrammer & booktuber, she is the founder of Basenji Books, a small indie publishing firm.

About me

A writer of sweet love stories.

Lara T. Kareem, also known as Naija Book Bae, is a Nigerian writer of sweet love stories. Her first novel, Not Just Another Interlude is published by Love Africa Press.

She is a digital marketer, editor and blogger. She is always lost in a story and indulges her love for stories by talking about and sharing beautiful pictures, videos and write-ups of the books she reads and films she watches online.

She lives with her dog, Benz, in the ever-bustling city of Lagos.


My Titles

Ever since her adolescent years, Lara always dreamt about become a published author. Many drafts, both complete and incomplete later, her dream came to fruition in 2019, when she published her first work A Guide to Self-Publishing. Ever since then she has gone on to publish and take on different writing projects.


A Guide to Self-Publishing


Not Just Another Interlude


Bitesi Review: Speculative Fiction

Latest Release


Love is Beautiful When in Bloom is a buoyant and soft collection of seven short stories that explore what it means when people meet and form a connection that ultimately blossoms into love.

Written with compassion, care and love, these light and sweet stories will keep you captivated as you encounter different facets of intimacy, self-discovery, pain, friendship and joy.


What they say about the book?


"A great selection of love stories. From short ones to long ones there is a story here for everyone. A nice evening read with a nice chilled glass of wine and nibbles."

L. Leigh Author of The Lekki Club

"I love this book so much that words cannot be enough to review it. But with just three words: it's beautiful, heartwarming and amazing."

Jeifa Tackie Book Review

"A collection of love stories that feel like relaxation on a Monday morning."

Oreoluwa Eunice Author